Deploying the Examples

You install the Web Services used in the book through the Ant targets identified in this appendix. In general, beyond the Ant scripts, there is no additional interaction necessary with Apache Axis (either through the browser-based console or through additional command-line utilities), which makes Ant an ideal environment for installation. To install the Web Services identified in the book, verify that your Apache Axis installation is correct by following the steps in the "Installing Dependent Runtime Environments, Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis, and MySQL" section.

Assuming that Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis are available and running, use the following command, run from the /java/WebServicesBook/bin directory, to deploy the source you compiled and enhanced in the section "Building the Examples":

 ant deploy 

If you modified a Web Service and would like to run the updated service after compilation, first " undeploy " the existing Web Services using this command:

 ant undeploy 

Once I have undeployed the services, I usually shut down the Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis environment. This may be an urban legend, but I prefer to remove all of the dependencies from the process space. Once you restart Apache Tomcat, use the deploy target to deploy your recompiled code.

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