Building the Examples

Building the examples takes several steps. Ant helps automate the build process, assuming you have set up the properties correctly. This section shows how to build all the samples with a single set of commands rather than building each sample separately. To build the samples, execute the following Ant targets from the /java/WebServicesBook/bin directory:

  1. ant build: This clears out previous builds, creates new directories, builds the architecture adapters from the WSDL files in /java/WebServicesBook/descriptors , and compiles all of the source code. The result of this step is a fully compiled set of classes ready for deployment to Apache Axis.

  2. ant enhance: This JDO-specific step of the build process modifies the bytecodes of persistent classes according to the JDO specification. You must perform this step each time you complete a build but before you deploy the examples to Apache Axis.

  3. ant buildtables: This builds the MySQL tables that JDO uses to persist data. You should ensure that your MySQL database instance is running; see Table A-2 for the appropriate MySQL commands.

After the previous steps, you will have all of your client-side code available for use, but there are no Web Services deployed via Apache Axis. You can modify client programs and build them without redeploying the Web Services themselves .

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