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real process improvement using the cmmi
Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
by Michael West   ISBN:0849321093
Auerbach Publications © 2004

This book offers non-academic, real-world approaches to implementing CMMI-based process improvement in an organization. The author identifies critical concepts of CMMI, and details how to turn them into real process improvement.

Table of Contents
Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
Chapter 1 - News Flash! There is a Level 1!
Chapter 2 - The Role of Roles
Chapter 3 - Managing the Process Improvement Project
Chapter 4 - Process Improvement Strategies that Work
Chapter 5 - Five Critical Factors in Successful Process Definition
Chapter 6 - Acquiring Process Expertise and Tools
Chapter 7 - Effective Change Leadership for Process Improvement
Chapter 8 - Process Improvement Myths and Methodologies
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Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
ISBN: 0849321093
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 110
Authors: Michael West
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