HP ProLiant Servers AIS: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference

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HP ProLiant Servers AIS: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference
By Bryan Weldon, Shawn Rogers
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: October 06, 2004
ISBN: 0-13-146717-4
Pages: 576

The all-in-one HP ProLiant best-practice reference and HP Certified Professional AIS prep guide

Covers hardware, operating systems, storage, and much more

Authored by members of the HP ProLiant AIS and ASE exam development team

This book systematically reviews every HP ProLiant AIS exam objective and thoroughly covers technology-related exam components that are not addressed in HP's 4-day AIS and 5-day ASE courses. Even if you're not currently preparing for certification, its systematic "best practice" coverage makes it an indispensable single-source reference for deploying, optimizing, and maintaining HP ProLiant servers. Coverage includes

  • Assessing business needs and planning for the implementation and growth of server-based IT infrastructure

  • Understanding the HP ProLiant product line and choosing the right servers for any application

  • Reviewing key server subsystem technologies: system boards, processors, memory, bus, chipsets, power, racks, and more

  • The best practices for deploying servers using HP SmartStart and the Rapid Deployment Pack

  • Managing servers using Insight Manager and Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (RILOE)

  • Planning, selecting, deploying, and managing storage for ProLiant server environments

  • Installing and configuring Windows, Linux, and NetWare operating systems on ProLiant servers

  • Integrating, optimizing, performance tuning, and troubleshooting ProLiant servers

  • Configuring, optimizing, and troubleshooting HP Array controllers and RAID subsystems

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HP ProLiant Servers AIS. Official Study Guide and Desk Reference
HP ProLiant Servers AIS: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference
ISBN: 0131467174
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Year: 2004
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