Chapter30.Strategies for Successful Web Applications

Chapter 30. Strategies for Successful Web Applications

One way to write more effective and robust web applications is to develop strategies and code libraries to handle certain common problems, feature areas, or functionality. Therefore, before moving on to actual sample web applications in the next few chapters, we first look at the solutions to some common problems that we will use in all of our samples. Much of the material discussed in this chapter was first mentioned in passing as we discussed the core technologies in Part IV of this book, but we will now look at more robust and real-world application of these.

This chapter covers

  • Creating single-instance objects in PHP5

  • Robust and more secure session management

  • Error handling and informing users of problems

  • Managing connections to the database server

  • Reviewing php.ini configuration settings to confirm that we are ready to run our web applications

Core Web Application Development With PHP And MYSQL
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL
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