Chapter 16. Tracking User Sessions

Chapter 16. Tracking User Sessions


  • Using Browser Cookies

  • Using Session State

  • Using Cookieless Sessions

In this chapter, you learn how to track and associate information with users as they move from page to page at your Web site. You learn how to take advantage of three mechanisms supported by the ASP.NET framework for tracking user sessions.

First, you learn how to create and read browser cookies, which can be used to store small bits of information on a user's browser. You learn how to create both session and persistent cookies.

The bulk of the chapter is devoted to the topic of session state. When you store information in session state, the information is automatically associated with a particular user. You learn how the ASP.NET framework supports storing session information in process, out of process, and in a database table.

Finally, you examine the subject of cookieless sessions. A cookieless session, as the name implies, provides you with all the benefits of session state without the reliance on browser cookies.

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