DocBook: The Definitive Guide

docbook: the definitive guide
By Norman Walsh & Leonard Muellner
1st Edition October 1999
1-56592-580-7, Order Number: 5807
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DocBook: The Definitive Guide


SynopFragment -- A portion of a CmdSynopsis broken out from the main body of the synopsis


Content Model

SynopFragment ::= ((Arg|Group)+)


Common attributes

Tag Minimization

Both the start- and end-tags are required for this element.


A complex CmdSynopsis can be made more manageable with SynopFragments. Rather than attempting to present the entire synopsis in one large piece, parts of the synopsis can be extracted out and presented elsewhere. These extracted pieces are placed in SynopFragments at the end of the CmdSynopsis.

At the point in which each piece was extracted, insert a SynopFragmentRef that points to the fragment. The content of the reference element will be presented inline.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block.

The presentation system is responsible for generating text that makes the reader aware of the link. This can be done with numbered bullets, or any other appropriate mechanism. Whatever mark is generated for the reference must also be generated for the fragment.

Online systems have additional flexibility. They may generate hot links between the references and the fragments, for example, or place the fragments in pop-up windows.


These elements contain SynopFragment: CmdSynopsis.


The following elements occur in SynopFragment: Arg, Group.

In some contexts, the following elements are allowed anywhere: BeginPage, IndexTerm.

See Also

Arg, CmdSynopsis, Group, RefSynopsisDiv, SBR, SynopFragmentRef


<!DOCTYPE cmdsynopsis PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN"> <cmdsynopsis>   <command>cccp</command>   <arg>-$</arg>   <arg>-C</arg>   <arg rep=repeat>-D<replaceable>name</replaceable>        <arg>=<replaceable>definition</replaceable></arg></arg>   <arg>-dD</arg>   <arg>-dM</arg>   <sbr>   <arg rep=repeat>-I <replaceable>directory</replaceable></arg>   <arg>-H</arg>   <arg>-I-</arg>   <arg rep=repeat>-imacros <replaceable>file</replaceable></arg>   <sbr>   <arg rep=repeat>-include <replaceable>file</replaceable></arg>   <group>     <synopfragmentref linkend="langs">languages</synopfragmentref>   </group>   <arg>-lint</arg>   <sbr>   <group>     <arg>-M</arg>     <arg>-MD</arg>     <arg>-MM</arg>     <arg>-MMD</arg>   </group>   <arg>-nostdinc</arg>   <arg>-P</arg>   <arg>-pedantic</arg>   <sbr>   <arg>-pedantic-errors</arg>   <arg>-trigraphs</arg>   <arg>-U<replaceable>name</replaceable></arg>   <sbr>   <arg>-undef</arg>   <arg choice="plain"><synopfragmentref linkend="warn">warnings     </synopfragmentref></arg>   <group choice=req>     <arg><replaceable>infile</replaceable></arg>     <arg>-</arg>   </group>   <group choice=req>     <arg><replaceable>outfile</replaceable></arg>     <arg>-</arg>   </group>   <synopfragment >     <group choice="plain">       <arg>-lang-c</arg>       <arg>-lang-c++</arg>       <arg>-lang-objc</arg>     </group>   </synopfragment>   <synopfragment >     <arg>-Wtrigraphs</arg>     <arg>-Wcomment</arg>     <arg>-Wall</arg>     <arg>-Wtraditional</arg>   </synopfragment> </cmdsynopsis>

cccp [-$] [-C] [-Dname [=definition]...] [-dD] [-dM]
[-I directory...] [-H] [-I-] [-imacros file...]
[-include file...] [(1)languages] [-lint]
[-M | -MD | -MM | -MMD] [-nostdinc] [-P] [-pedantic]
[-pedantic-errors] [-trigraphs] [-Uname]
[-undef] (2)warnings {infile | -} {outfile | -}

(1)  -lang-c | -lang-c++ | -lang-objc

(2) [-Wtrigraphs] [-Wcomment] [-Wall] [-Wtraditional]

For additional examples, see also CmdSynopsis.


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