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Ma Bell
MAC address
Mac OS X, Asterisk on
MailboxCount command, Asterisk Manager API
MailboxExist command, Asterisk
MailboxStatus command, Asterisk Manager API
main distribution frames (MDF)
MAN (metropolitan area network)
man-in-the-middle attack 2nd
managed VPN
management information base (MIB)
management tools, vendors for
manager.conf file, Asterisk 2nd 3rd
Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools
mangle table, NetFilter
manpower required to implement VoIP
Mapped ALI
market adoption cycle
Math command, Asterisk
MC (multipoint controller)
MCU (multipoint control unit)
MD5 authentication 2nd
MDF (main distribution frame)
mean opinion score (MOS) 2nd
media channels
media encryption
media gateway
media loads, simulating
meet-me conferences
MeetMe command, Asterisk
meetme command, Asterisk CLI
MeetMeAdmin command, Asterisk
MeetMeCount command, Asterisk
MEGACO/H.248 protocol 2nd 3rd
mesh network
meshed layout
message notification
message-waiting indicator on phone
messages file, Asterisk
messaging applications
methods , SIP 2nd
metropolitan area network (MAN)
MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) 2nd
        Asterisk CLI commands for
        features of
mgcp audit endpoint command, Asterisk CLI
mgcp debug command, Asterisk CLI
mgcp no debug command, Asterisk CLI
mgcp show endpoints command, Asterisk CLI
mgcp.conf file, Asterisk
MIB (management information base)
Microsoft NetMeeting 2nd 3rd
Microsoft Outlook, playing back voice mail with
Milliwatt command, Asterisk
missed-call indications
mixed-standard signaling (see heterogeneous signaling) 2nd
mobile office, VoIP support for
modprobe command, Asterisk 2nd
modules.conf file, Asterisk
Monitor command, Asterisk 2nd 3rd
Monitor command, Asterisk Manager API
Moore's Law
MOS (mean opinion score) 2nd
mouth-to-ear (sound latency)
MP (multipoint processing) element
MP3Player command, Asterisk
Mpg123 application
MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) 2nd 3rd
MPLS and Frame Relay Forum web site
MSN Messenger
muLaw scale 2nd
multilink PPP connection
multiparty conference calling
multipath jitter
multiphase power
multiplexing 2nd
multipoint control unit (MCU)
multipoint controller (MC)
multipoint processing (MP) element
multiprocotol label switching (MPLS)
MusicOnHold command, Asterisk
mute feature
MyFax service provider

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
ISBN: 0596008686
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 172

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