Chapter Review Questions

The following questions test your knowledge of topics explained in this chapter. You can find the answers to the questions in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter Review Questions."


Which two functions does a gateway provide?

  1. VLAN separation

  2. Translation between the VoIP and PSTN network

  3. Physical access for analog telephones and fax machines

  4. Power over Ethernet to the IP phone

  5. Database services


Which protocol provides out-of-band control information for RTP-based call flows?

  1. H.225 RAS

  2. RTP

  3. SNMP

  4. RTCP


A company has four sites and wants to implement VoIP at all of them. The requirements include implementing gateway devices with no call-processing intelligence at the remote sites, controlling all call traffic from the headquarters location, and having a single point of CAC. Which network architecture is appropriate to meet these requirements?

  1. Single-site architecture

  2. Distributed architecture

  3. Centralized architecture

  4. H.323 gateway architecture


In which of the following situations would a gateway be required?

  1. Cisco CallManager-to-IP network connection

  2. PBX-to-voice mail connection

  3. Key system-to-IP network connection

  4. PBX-to-PBX connection


Which function best describes a numbering plan?

  1. Determines routes between source and destination

  2. Defines a telephone number of a voice endpoint or application

  3. Performs digit manipulation when sending calls to the PSTN

  4. Performs least-cost routing for VoIP calls


Which worldwide prefix scheme was developed by the ITU to standardize numbering plans?

  1. G.114

  2. E.164

  3. G.164

  4. E.114


Which three factors must be considered when calculating the total bandwidth of a VoIP call?

  1. CODEC size

  2. CRC usage

  3. Network-link overhead

  4. Sample size

  5. Capacity of network links


What is the overhead for Frame Relay?

  1. 3 bytes

  2. 5 bytes

  3. 6 bytes

  4. 18 bytes


What is the equivalent of one Erlang?

  1. 60 call seconds

  2. 36 centum call seconds

  3. 3600 centum call seconds

  4. 1 minute


Which feature provides transport security for a VoIP network?

  1. Encryption and data authentication

  2. Inspection of traffic at the firewall

  3. Proactive notification of an attempted attack

  4. Intrusion detection

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