Code Add-Ons


This chapter examines how DotNetNuke add-ons can be distributed and installed. As DotNetNuke has progressed, functionality has been added to enable developers to package and distribute extensions to the DotNetNuke framework. These add-ons enable the administrators and users to customize the portal to suit their particular needs. Add-ons can provide additional functionality or can alter the visual presentation style for the portal. DotNetNuke uses zip files to package and redistribute add-ons. Each add-on type defines the specific files that can be included in the package. The custom add-ons are divided into three major categories:

  • Code add-ons

    • Modules

    • Skin objects

    • Providers

  • Skinning add-ons

    • Skins

    • Containers

  • Language add-ons

    • Language packs

There are many aspects to consider in the distribution of add-ons, and this chapter answers the following questions as you look at each of these add-on types:

  • What is the format of the manifest or configuration files for the add-on?

  • How do you package all of the elements that go into a single add-on?

  • How do you install the add-on?

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