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Music-based podcasts don't have to be all about finding music online. There is more than likely a wealth of independent music in your own backyard. Every community has local musicians, and there are some extra perks for promoting them. Finding these local musicians is easier than you think. First, you can go to your local guitar store and talk to the people who work theremost are either in a local band or are friends with many of the local bands. Second, you can look in the local arts and alternative lifestyle newspaper that is often found near the front door of bars. In the paper is usually a listing of local concerts. Go to the concerts and meet the bands. Get there early, bring your recorder and business cards, and find the manager of the band. Ask him or her about playing the band's music on your show. You may find yourself having to explain the entire concept of podcasting, but if done correctly, most bands will appreciate you playing their music. After all, next to partying all night and sleeping late, what musicians really want most is to get exposure for their music.

Which brings us to the added perks of focusing on local musicians. Sure, you can play a song from some band halfway around the world, and the thanks you get might be a couple of nicely worded emails and maybe a signed CD. But with local bands, you will often get free tickets to their shows, great seats at concerts, backstage passes, and invites to private parties. Okay, so oftentimes there will be more people at the party than were at the concert, but does it really matter? You just made some new friends, one or two of whom might even remember you if they ever make it big.

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
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