Chapter 18. Generating Revenue


  • Tracking Stats and Getting Listener Info

  • Creating a Media Kit

  • Advertising and Sponsorship

  • Joining Affiliate Programs

  • Selling Swag

  • Tip Jar

  • Premium Feeds

  • Unique and Interesting Methods

"The smaller advertisers are still trying to understand podcasting. The more sophisticated media buyers are all very intrigued [about podcasting]. One of the big challenges is getting them to work with independent brands, which is essentially what podcasters are. When you deal with the larger advertisers, it is often about reach."

Gregory Galant, CEO of Radio Tail

When it comes to generating revenue from your podcast, you as the producer of that show have many different methods to choose from. In this chapter, we explain some of the more obvious methods, along with some of the more unique methods podcasters use to generate revenue. Although there is no one method or combination of methods that is universally accepted as "best," everyone pretty much agrees that without an established audience, all methods to generate revenue will fail.

Sponsors and advertisers are attracted to audiences; audiences are not attracted to sponsors and advertisers. So if you do not already have an established audience, and you picked up this book and jumped right to this chapter, STOP! Go back and read the rest of the book. Your first question should not be, How do I make money from podcasting? Your first question should be, How do I make a podcast that is of value to my listeners? There is a reason this chapter is at the back of the book. In fact, if making a horde of cash from podcasting is your ultimate goal, I suggest you immediately refer to the various tables in the "Personal Podcasts" section of Chapter 17, "Business Planning." Call it a reality check.

With that disclaimer out of the way, two of the most obvious methods to generate revenue from your podcast involve sponsorships and advertising. But before you approach a business to sponsor your show or pay for advertising on your show, it is important to put together a media kit that explains what your show is about and who is listening. However, before you can do that, you need to figure out how many people are listening to your show, who they are (demographic data), and where they are located (geographic data).

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