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intermediate business programming with c++
Intermediate Business Programming with C++
byDon Voils
Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc. 2007 (1589 pages)

With emphasis on the creation of object oriented programs for business and the use of data structures, this book deals with the writing of business programs using C++ from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Table of Contents
Intermediate Business Programming with C++
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Business Programming
Lecture 2 - Visio and Visual Studio .NET
Lecture 3 - Functions and Modularization I and Text File I/O
Lecture 4 - Functions and Modularization II
Lecture 5 - Pointers in C++
Lecture 6 - Programmer Defined Data Types I: enum, typedef and Structures
Lecture 7 - Programmer Defined Data Types II: Classes and the UML Type of Design
Lecture 8 - Operator Overloading
Lecture 9 - Class Inheritance
Lecture 10 - Friend Classes and Polymorphism
Lecture 11 - Template Functions and Template Classes
Lecture 12 - Files & I/O Streams
Lecture 13 - Exception Handling
Lecture 14 - Data Structures
Lecture 15 - Standard Template Library (STL)
Lecture 16 - Binary Trees
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Intermediate Business Programming with C++
Intermediate Business Programming with C++
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