Chapter15.Working with Text

Chapter 15. Working with Text


  • The Text Field Interface

  • Creating Text Fields

  • Creating Text Fields in ActionScript

  • Formatting the Text in Text Fields

  • Scrolling Text Fields

  • HTML Text in Text Fields

  • MultiLanguage Text

Text is one of the earliest forms of media communication, and Flash has not forgotten this. Back in Flash MX, text fields became full-fledged objects with properties, methods, events, and even instance names. In Flash 2004, the ability to load images into HTML text fields was added. This time around, better anti-aliasing in the IDE and the player with FlashType and improved WYSIWYG in the IDE are included.

This chapter explores the many ways to create and manipulate text fields, as well as some new things added to the object with this version of Flash.

Some of the topics to be covered are

  • The text field interface

  • Creating the three basic types of text fields

  • Formatting text fields

  • Working with HTML text

Let's start with the interface.

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