E.7. RT UTF-8 Settings

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@LexiconLanguages is an array that contains languages supported by RT's internationalization interface. It defaults to all supplied translations. Setting it to a shorter list, such as qw(en ja), makes RT bilingual instead of multilingual, but it saves some memory.

 @LexiconLanguages = qw(*) unless (@LexiconLanguages); 


@EmailInputEncodings is an array that contains default encodings used to guess which charset an attachment uses if not specified. These encodings must be recognized by Encode::Guess.

 @EmailInputEncodings = qw(utf-8 iso-8859-1 us-ascii) unless (@EmailInputEncodings); 


$EmailOutputEncoding is the character set for outbound email. Its value must be recognized by Encode.

 Set($EmailOutputEncoding , 'utf-8'); 

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