Essential CVS
By Jennifer  Vesperman
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : June 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00459-1

        Structure of the Book
        Conventions Used in This Book
        Learning More About CVS
        We'd Like to Hear from You
      Part I:   Introduction
        Chapter 1.   What Is CVS?
        Section 1.1.   What Is a Versioning System?
        Section 1.2.   CVS in the Field
        Chapter 2.   CVS Quickstart Guide
        Section 2.1.   Installing CVS
        Section 2.2.   Building Your First Repository
        Section 2.3.   Importing Projects
        Section 2.4.   Accessing Remote Repositories
        Section 2.5.   Checking Out Files
        Section 2.6.   Committing Changes
        Section 2.7.   Updating Sandboxes
        Section 2.8.   Adding Files
        Section 2.9.   Removing Files
        Section 2.10.   Quick Tips for Success
      Part II:   Using CVS
        Chapter 3.   Basic Use of CVS
        Section 3.1.   General Information
        Section 3.2.   Sandboxes and Repositories
        Section 3.3.   Committing Changes to the Repository
        Section 3.4.   Checking File Status
        Section 3.5.   Updating the Sandbox Files from the Repository
        Section 3.6.   Adding Files to the Repository
        Section 3.7.   Removing Files from the Repository
        Section 3.8.   Moving Files or Directories
        Section 3.9.   Releasing a Sandbox
        Section 3.10.   Keywords
        Section 3.11.   Binary Files and Wrappers
        Section 3.12.   Specifying Default Command Options
        Chapter 4.   Tagging and Branching
        Section 4.1.   Tagging
        Section 4.2.   Stickiness
        Section 4.3.   Branching
        Section 4.4.   Branching Strategies
        Chapter 5.   Multiple Users
        Section 5.1.   Using Simultaneous Development
        Section 5.2.   Watching a File
        Section 5.3.   Reserving Files
        Section 5.4.   Comparing File Revisions
        Section 5.5.   Displaying Recent Changes
        Section 5.6.   Displaying File History
      Part III:   CVS Administration
        Chapter 6.   Repository Management
        Section 6.1.   Creating a Repository
        Section 6.2.   Deleting a Repository
        Section 6.3.   Securing Your Projects
        Section 6.4.   Repository Structure
        Section 6.5.   CVSROOT Files
        Section 6.6.   Server Environment Variables
        Section 6.7.   Backing Up a Repository
        Section 6.8.   Editing a Repository
        Section 6.9.   Sandbox Structure
        Section 6.10.   Client Environment Variables
        Section 6.11.   Exit Status
        Chapter 7.   Project Management
        Section 7.1.   Creating a Project
        Section 7.2.   Distributing Files
        Section 7.3.   Running Scripts
        Section 7.4.   Interfacing with External Programs
        Section 7.5.   Tools
        Section 7.6.   Strategies and Practices
        Chapter 8.   Remote Repositories
        Section 8.1.   Specifying Repository Paths
        Section 8.2.   The local Access Method
        Section 8.3.   The ext and server Access Methods
        Section 8.4.   The fork Access Method
        Section 8.5.   The gserver Access Method
        Section 8.6.   The kserver Access Method
        Section 8.7.   The pserver Access Method
        Section 8.8.   Using inetd with gserver, kserver, and pserver
        Chapter 9.   Troubleshooting
        Section 9.1.   General Troubleshooting Techniques
        Section 9.2.   Connectivity Problems
        Section 9.3.   Filename Problems
        Section 9.4.   Line-Ending Problems
        Section 9.5.   Permission Problems
        Section 9.6.   Lock Files
      Part IV:   Reference
        Chapter 10.   Command Reference
        Section 10.1.   CVS Command-Line Options
        Section 10.2.   CVS Commands
        Chapter 11.   Miscellaneous Topics Reference
        Section 11.1.   Administrative Files
        Section 11.2.   CVSROOT Files
        Section 11.3.   CVSROOT Variables
        Section 11.4.   Dates
        Section 11.5.   Environment Variables
        Section 11.6.   Keywords and Keyword Modes
        Section 11.7.   Pattern Matching
        Section 11.8.   Repository Access Methods
      Part V:   Appendixes
        Appendix A.   Clients and Operating Systems
        Section A.1.   Multi-Operating-System Clients
        Section A.2.   Macintosh Clients
        Section A.3.   Unix and Linux Clients
        Section A.4.   Windows Clients
        Section A.5.   Integration Tools
        Appendix B.   Administrator's Tools
        Section B.1.   CVS Variants
        Section B.2.   Distribution Tools
        Section B.3.   Logging Tools
        Section B.4.   Metadata Tools
        Section B.5.   Convertors
        Section B.6.   Miscellaneous
      CVS Quick Reference
        CVS Options
        Repository Access
        Common CVS Tasks
        Sandbox Commands
        Synchronization Commands
        File Commands
        Branch Commands
        Tag Commands


Essential CVS
Essential CVS (Essentials)
ISBN: 0596527039
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 152

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