Connection Problems

When clients cannot connect to the WLAN, it is often difficult to find the problem, whether the problem affects one client or the entire site. Table 14-1 lists some common scenarios and resources to check so your WLAN runs optimally.

Table 14-1. WLAN Connectivity Issue Scenarios


Probable Cause(s)


A single client cannot connect to the WLAN.

Computer misconfiguration or problem with user or computer account.

Defective client card.

  • Check the computer account.

  • Check the user account.

  • Check the client computer.

  • Verify security credentials.

  • Check the client card.

Multiple clients at a single site cannot connect to the WLAN.

Misconfigured AP.

Defective AP.

Defective antenna.

  • Check AP configuration.

  • Check to ensure the AP is working.

  • Check the antenna to ensure it is functional.

An entire site is unable to connect to the WLAN.

Misconfigured RADIUS server.

  • Check the RADIUS server's configuration

  • Check the AP's configuration as it relates to RADIUS functions.

No client at any site can connect.

Organization-wide configuration issue.

  • Check network directory services (such as Microsoft Active Directory).

  • Check the RADIUS server(s).

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