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Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
By Toby J. Velte -  Ph.D., Anthony T. Velte
Publisher: Cisco Press
Pub Date: October 20, 2005
ISBN: 1-58705-227-X
Pages: 288

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   About the Authors
   About the Technical Reviewer
   Command Syntax Conventions
      Chapter 1.  Cisco Wireless Equipment
      Cisco Aironet APs
      Cisco Wireless Bridges
      Cisco Client Adapters
      Cisco Wireless Router and Switch Services
      Cisco Wireless 7920 IP Phone
      Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX)
      Other Resources
      Chapter 2.  Cisco Antennas
      Upgrading Antennas
      The Best Antenna for the Best Scenario
      Rules, Regulations, and Legalities of Antenna Usage and Placement
      Other Resources
      Chapter 3.  Cisco Wireless Technologies
      Cisco SWAN
      Cisco Mobile Wireless Center
      Cisco Wireless Certifications
      Other Resources
      Chapter 4.  Wireless Security
      Security Overview
      IEEE 802.1X Authentication
      Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
      Other Resources
      Chapter 5.  Installing and Configuring Access Points
      Site Survey
      Encryption and Authentication
      Antenna Placement
      Initial Settings
      APs as Repeaters
      Other Resources
      Chapter 6.  Configuring Clients
      Client Utilities
      Network Discovery
      Client Configuration
      Configuring Security
      Chapter 7.  Wireless and Wired LAN Integration Overview
      Wireless Network Design Considerations
      Integration Issues
      Connecting Your Network
      Other Resources
      Chapter 8.  Wireless Security: Next Steps
      Connecting to a RADIUS Server
      Building a Honeypot
      Chapter 9.  CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution
      CiscoWorks LMS Overview
      Configuring CiscoWorks LMS
      Other Resources
      Chapter 10.  CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE)
      Managing WLANs
      Chapter 11.  Tuning AP Radio Parameters
      Power Tuning
      Radio Tuning
      Data Configuration
      Chapter 12.  Network Tuning Tools and Resources
      Signal Strength
      Using Perfmon
      Using Third-Party Tools
      Other Resources
      Chapter 13.  Diagnosing Client Connection Problems
      Troubleshooting Access Points (AP)
      Configuration Issues
      Troubleshooting and Conflict Resolution Tools
      Troubleshooting Checklist
      Other Resources
      Chapter 14.  Diagnosing Performance Problems
      Connection Problems
      Authentication and Re-Authentication Problems
      Hardware Issues
      Slow WLAN Network Throughput
      Bridged Networks
      Other Resources
      Appendix A.  802.11 Protocols
      Bands and Channels
      Network Capacity
      802.11b and 802.11g
      Multiband Solutions

Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
ISBN: 158705227X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 126

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