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  • Based on the author's experience working with front-line date access developers and development teams at Microsoft and throughout the industry worldwide
  • Helps you, the developer, choose and implement the best data access technologies for your project
  • Suitable for newer and for more experienced ADO developers--anyone involved in data access development will benefit from this book

From the author of the definitive Hitchihiker's Guide to Visual Basic and SQL Server comes a book that provides real solutions for data access developers. Veteran author and programmer William Vaughn has condensed tips, suggestions, and insights from years of experience working with front-line data access developers and development teams. ADO Examples and Best Practices focuses on addressing ADO problems at the root--and offers better designs and better coding practices.

Today's developers are faced with a dizzying number of choices when it comes to data access paradigms. This book makes implementing the best of those technologies far easier by showing you working examples and discussing what works and what doesn't. "Best Practices" are those techniques developers have found to cause the least amount of overhead, problems, and confusion. While some are quite simple to implement, others require considerable thought and forethought to enable.

Topics covered include: introduction to ActiveX Data Objects, creating ADO objects, ADO command strategies, Recordset strategies, manipulating your Recordset, calling and managing stored procedures, Web-based solutions, data access tips and techniques, what's coming in SQL Server 2000 and ADO 2.6, and more.

About the Author

William R. Vaughn has written, lectured, sold, supported, designed, coded, managed, and sweated over mainframe and microcomputer systems and software for 28 years. He started at Microsoft in 1986 and has worked at Microsoft University, on the Visual Basic User Education team, and in Visual Studio marketing. During his last two years at Microsoft, he has been with the MSTE internal technical education group. In this role, he has developed and taught courses on Visual Basic, data architectures, and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).


ADO Examples and Best Practices
Ado Examples and Best Practices
ISBN: 189311516X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 106

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