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human aspects of software development
Human Aspects of Software Development
by James E. Tomayko and Orit Hazzan   ISBN:1584503130
Charles River Media © 2004 (338 pages)

This text explores the many human dilemmas and conflicts that can arise during the course of software development, and encourages future software engineers to become more aware of the development environment.

Table of Contents
Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Part I - Software Development Environments
Chapter 1 - The Nature of Software Engineering
Chapter 2 - Software Engineering Methods
Chapter 3 - Working in Teams
Chapter 4 - Software as a Product
Part II - The World of Software Engineering
Chapter 5 - Code of Ethics of Software Engineering
Chapter 6 - International Perspective on Software
Chapter 7 - Different Perspectives on Software Engineering
Chapter 8 - The History of Software Engineering
Part III - Software-Human Interaction
Chapter 9 - Program Comprehension, Code Inspections, and Refactoring
Chapter 10 - Learning Processes in Software Engineering
Chapter 11 - Abstraction and Other Heuristics of Software Development
Chapter 12 - The Characteristics of Software and the Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Part IV - Business Analysis of Software Engineering
Chapter 13 - Software Project Estimation and Tracking
Chapter 14 - Software as a Business
Chapter 15 - The Internet and the Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Part V - Software Engineering Education
Chapter 16 - Case Studies in Software Engineering
Chapter 17 - Students™ Summary Projects and Presentations
Chapter 18 - Remarks about Software Engineering Education
Chapter 19 - Additional Information on Resources Used in This Book
Appendix - Course Slides
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Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Human Aspects of Software Engineering (Charles River Media Computer Engineering)
ISBN: 1584503130
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 242
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