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Ralph Thornburgh has worked for Hewlett-Packard Company for 24 years as an IT trainer, IT Data Center Manager, and Learning Products Engineer (technical writer).

During that time he has created twenty-one training classes for Hewlett-Packard data center employees and support personnel worldwide. He has also written fifteen user manuals and numerous technical support manuals.

He lead the team that wrote the multicourse training program for Hewlett-Packard's implementation of Fibre Channel for Mass Storage and two other classes for Hewlett-Packard Fibre Channel peripheral devices.

While at Hewlett-Packard, Ralph held a secondary teaching certificate for three years. He designed and delivered computer class curriculum, to include operating systems and computer operations, for The Computer Learning Center in Santa Clara, California.

Ralph has also designed, developed, and delivered an American Sign Language (ASL) course for middle-school children.

Ralph was also in the U.S. Army for eleven years, part of which was spent in the California Army National Guard. There he was the section training sergeant, training soldiers in technical skills such as Aviation Electrician, as well as in Basic Combat Skills, such as land navigation (map reading) and basic marksmanship.


Fibre Channel for Mass Storage
Fibre Channel for Mass Storage
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Year: 1999
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