Microsoft .NET technology has increased developer productivity for desktop and server applications. The .NET Micro Framework extends these benefits and powerful tools into the embedded device domain. The goal is to allow you to develop in the same high-level, managed code environment that you are already very familiar with instead of force you to waste time at the tedious, obscure low-level environment that is characteristic of embedded development. Access to the low-level environment is now provided through high-level object-oriented abstractions-this is programming "at the metal" from C#.

This book describes the key concepts involved in developing embedded devices using the .NET Micro Framework. We have taken a hands-on approach with numerous programming examples that illustrate the concepts being discussed, from simple generic GPIOs and interrupts, to client/server networking, to complementary technologies such as Windows SideShow.

Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework
Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework
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