K menu

accessing calculator from, 160

accessing files from, 168–169

accessing, 73

desktop icon for, description of, 75

removing system-tray entries from, 80

K3b CD/DVD burning program

creating audio CDs with, 277–278

features, 156–158

Kaffeine Media Player program

features of, 155–156, 266, 279

upgrading, 280

using, 281

KAMix system tray program, features of, 79

KAMix volume control program

starting, 268

using with KRecord, 276

Karbon 14 drawing program, web address for, 144

Kate text editor. See also command-line text editors; vi command-line text editor

editing fstab file with, 365

starting, 364

KBinaryClock applet, description of, 139

KDE (K Desktop Environment) home page, address for, 72

KDE Control Center, tweaking user interface with, 130–134

KDE desktop, running across X servers, 443

KDE programs

crashing, 179

troubleshooting freezing of, 188–189

kdetv program, using, 282–283

keepsettings hard-disk setting, explanation of, 410

kernels. See also Linux kernel

advisory about compiling of, 414

building and installing, 418

compiling, 414–415

compiling from scratch, 417–418

configuring, 415–417

downloading and installing source code for, 414–415

reinstalling, 417

restoring previous versions of, 417–418

kernelversion command in BASH shell, example of, 476

keyboard symbols, troubleshooting, 188

keyboard shortcuts

for system control, 257

using with BASH shell, 255–257

Kfloppy, formatting floppies with, 174–175

kill and killall commands, controlling processes with, 249

kill command in BASH shell, example of, 476

killall command in BASH shell, example of, 476

KInternet, going online with, 91–92

Klipper applet, description of, 139

Klipper system tray program, features of, 79

Kmail, starting, 96

KNewsTicker applet, description of, 139

KNode program

accessing newsgroups with, 160

viewing newsgroups with, 186–187

Knoppix, web address for, 29

Koffice Kspread spreadsheet program, web address for, 144

Koffice programs, examples of, 144–145

KOffice versus OpenOffice.org, 309

Konqueror web browser

accessing Kuickshow option in, 160

displaying hidden files in, 423

features of, 152–153, 165–168

opening, 93, 172

Konserve backup program, running, 427–428. See also backups

Konsole shell emulator

accessing, 94

color coding in, 211

starting, 197

Kontact e-mail program, features of, 150–152

Kopete instant messaging program

adding contacts in, 101

configuring chat protocol in, 100–101

Kpowersave program, features of, 80

Kpresenter presentation program, web address for, 144

Krecord program, recording sounds with, 160

KRecord sound-recording program, running, 275–276

Krita image editor, web address for, 145

KsCD audio playback program, features of, 153–154, 274–275

KSysGuard applet, description of, 139

Ktag-0.5.tar.bz2 file, decompressing, 391

Kuickshow option, accessing in Konqueror, 160

Kword word processor, web address for, 144

Kwrite text editor/viewer, web address for, 145

Beginning SUSE Linux from Novice to Professional
Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional
ISBN: 1590594584
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 293
Authors: Keir Thomas

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