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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Chapter 8.  Installing and Starting Oracle

8.5 Setting Up Initialization Parameters for Security

As we described in Chapter 2, the initialization file is a list of parameters supplied by Oracle with your database. You can change the values of these parameters to configure the database system. The file is used to modify parameters that affect performance, set global defaults and limits, and establish file names and locations. This file is generally referred to as the INIT.ORA file even though its actual name might vary. By default, when a database is created, a file with the naming convention of INIT<DATABASE SID>.ORA is also created.

From version 7.3 on, some of the INIT.ORA parameters can be dynamically modified using the following commands:


When specified, the parameters are only changed for that session and will not remain in effect after the session ends.


When specified, the parameters will remain in effect until the database is shut down but may not affect the current session.


When specified, will not affect the current sessions but will affect all future sessions until the database is shut down.

8.5.1 Viewing the Parameters

There are more than 100 different parameters that can be set in the INIT.ORA file. When a value is changed in the INIT.ORA file, the value will not take effect until the database is "bounced," or shut down and then restarted using the modified INIT.ORA parameter file. Since the Oracle RDBMS has a default value for every parameter available, the absence of a value for a parameter in the file will signal that the default value is to be used. The Oracle-supplied default INIT.ORA file is a basic, sample file that gives information about database sizes in relation to parameter settings. The current values for parameters can be viewed by using the line mode of the Server Manager and issuing the command:


There are parameters in Oracle that have minimum values. If these parameters are set too low, Oracle either will not start or will perform very badly . Take care when modifying INIT.ORA parameters.

Here is a list of the parameters available from the SHOW PARAMETERS command in an Oracle8 version 8.0.4 default database on a Windows NT system. A few of these parameters need some explanation. As we mentioned earlier in this chapter, if OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX is set to an empty string ("") and REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT is set to "TRUE," then if an "identified externally" account is created, the potential is there for a breach of database security.

In the list, you will notice that the parameter AUDIT_TRAIL is set to the value "db." See Chapter 10, for more information about this parameter.

There are a number of parameters you'll want to evaluate for their effect on database security. Each of these parameters is identified by an asterisk (*) in the following list. We've also starred the parameters that represent an operating system directory to remind you that the operating system directories must be protected from casual user interaction and possible destruction.

 NAME                                TYPE    VALUE ----------------------------------- ------- ------------------------------ O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY         boolean TRUE                           allow_partial_sn_results            boolean FALSE                          always_anti_join                    string  NESTED_LOOPS                   always_semi_join                    string  standard                       aq_tm_processes                     integer 0                              arch_io_slaves                      integer 0                              *audit_trail                        string  DB                             b_tree_bitmap_plans                 boolean FALSE                          *background_dump_dest               string  %RDBMS80%\trace                backup_disk_io_slaves               integer 0                              backup_tape_io_slaves               boolean FALSE                          bitmap_merge_area_size              integer 1048576                        blank_trimming                      boolean FALSE                          buffer_pool_keep                    string                                 buffer_pool_recycle                 string                                 cache_size_threshold                integer 20                             cleanup_rollback_entries            integer 20                             close_cached_open_cursors           boolean FALSE                          commit_point_strength               integer 1                              compatible                          string  8.0.0                          compatible_no_recovery              string  0.0.0                          complex_view_merging                boolean FALSE                          control_file_record_keep_time       integer 7                              *control_files                      string  C:\orant\DATABASE\ctl1ORCL.ora cpu_count                           integer 1                              create_bitmap_area_size             integer 8388608                        cursor_space_for_time               boolean FALSE                          db_block_buffers                    integer 200                            db_block_checkpoint_batch           integer 8                              db_block_checksum                   boolean FALSE                          db_block_lru_extended_statistics    integer 0                              db_block_lru_latches                integer 1                              db_block_lru_statistics             boolean FALSE                          db_block_max_dirty_target           integer 4294967294                     db_block_size                       integer 2048                           db_domain                           string  WORLD                          db_file_direct_io_count             integer 64                             db_file_multiblock_read_count       integer 8                              db_file_name_convert                string                                 db_file_simultaneous_writes         integer 4                              db_files                            integer 1024                           db_name                             string  ORCL                           db_writer_processes                 integer 1                              dblink_encrypt_login                boolean FALSE                          dbwr_io_slaves                      integer 0                              delayed_logging_block_cleanouts     boolean TRUE                           discrete_transactions_enabled       boolean FALSE                          disk_asynch_io                      boolean TRUE                           distributed_lock_timeout            integer 300                            distributed_recovery_connection_hol integer 200                            distributed_transactions            integer 5                              dml_locks                           integer 300                            enqueue_resources                   integer 320                            event                               string                                 fast_full_scan_enabled              boolean FALSE                          fixed_date                          string                                 freeze_DB_for_fast_instance_recover boolean FALSE                          gc_defer_time                       integer 10                             gc_files_to_locks                   string                                 gc_latches                          integer 2                              gc_lck_procs                        integer 1                              gc_releasable_locks                 integer 0                              gc_rollback_locks                   string                                 *global_names                       boolean TRUE                           hash_area_size                      integer 0                              hash_join_enabled                   boolean TRUE                           hash_multiblock_io_count            integer 1                              hi_shared_memory_address            integer 0                              ifile                               file                                   instance_groups                     string                                 instance_number                     integer 0                              job_queue_interval                  integer 10                             job_queue_keep_connections          boolean FALSE                          job_queue_processes                 integer 2                              large_pool_min_alloc                string  16K                            large_pool_size                     string  0                              lgwr_io_slaves                      integer 0                              license_max_sessions                integer 0                              license_max_users                   integer 0                              license_sessions_warning            integer 0                              lm_locks                            integer 12000                          lm_procs                            integer 96                             lm_ress                             integer 6000                           local_listener                      string                                 lock_name_space                     string                                 lock_sga                            boolean FALSE                          lock_sga_areas                      integer 0                              log_archive_buffer_size             integer 127                            log_archive_buffers                 integer 4                              *log_archive_dest                   string  %RDBMS80%\                     *log_archive_duplex_dest            string                                 log_archive_format                  string  ARC%s.%t                       log_archive_min_succeed_dest        integer 1                              log_archive_start                   boolean FALSE                          log_block_checksum                  boolean FALSE                          log_buffer                          integer 8192                           log_checkpoint_interval             integer 10000                          log_checkpoint_timeout              integer 0                              log_checkpoints_to_alert            boolean FALSE                          log_file_name_convert               string                                 log_files                           integer 255                            log_simultaneous_copies             integer 0                              log_small_entry_max_size            integer 80                             max_commit_propagation_delay        integer 90000                          max_dump_file_size                  integer 10240                          *max_enabled_roles                  integer 20                             max_rollback_segments               integer 30                             max_transaction_branches            integer 8                              mts_dispatchers                     string                                 mts_listener_address                string                                 mts_max_dispatchers                 integer 5                              mts_max_servers                     integer 20                             mts_multiple_listeners              boolean FALSE                          mts_rate_log_size                   string                                 mts_rate_scale                      string                                 mts_servers                         integer 0                              mts_service                         string  ORCL                           nls_calendar                        string                                 nls_currency                        string                                 nls_date_format                     string                                 nls_date_language                   string                                 nls_iso_currency                    string                                 nls_language                        string  AMERICAN                       nls_numeric_characters              string                                 nls_sort                            string                                 nls_territory                       string  AMERICA                        object_cache_max_size_percent       integer 10                             object_cache_optimal_size           integer 102400                         ogms_home                           string                                 open_cursors                        integer 50                             open_links                          integer 4                              open_links_per_instance             integer 4                              *ops_admin_group                    string                                 optimizer_features_enable           string  8.0.0                          optimizer_mode                      string  CHOOSE                         optimizer_percent_parallel          integer 0                              optimizer_search_limit              integer 5                              oracle_trace_collection_name        string                                 oracle_trace_collection_path        string  %OTRACE80%\ADMIN\CDF\          oracle_trace_collection_size        integer 5242880                        oracle_trace_enable                 boolean FALSE                          oracle_trace_facility_name          string  oracled                        oracle_trace_facility_path          string  %OTRACE80%\ADMIN\FDF\          *os_authent_prefix                  string  OPS$                           *os_roles                           boolean FALSE                          parallel_adaptive_multi_user        boolean FALSE                          parallel_broadcast_enabled          boolean FALSE                          parallel_default_max_instances      integer 0                              parallel_execution_message_size     integer 2148                           parallel_instance_group             string                                 parallel_max_servers                integer 5                              parallel_min_message_pool           integer 48330                          parallel_min_percent                integer 0                              parallel_min_servers                integer 0                              parallel_server                     boolean FALSE                          parallel_server_idle_time           integer 5                              parallel_transaction_resource_timeo integer 300                            partition_view_enabled              boolean FALSE                          plsql_v2_compatibility              boolean FALSE                          pre_page_sga                        boolean FALSE                          *processes                          integer 59                             push_join_predicate                 boolean FALSE                          read_only_open_delayed              boolean FALSE                          recovery_parallelism                integer 0                              remote_dependencies_mode            string  TIMESTAMP                      *remote_login_passwordfile          string  SHARED                         *remote_os_authent                  boolean FALSE                          *remote_os_roles                    boolean FALSE                          replication_dependency_tracking     boolean TRUE                           *resource_limit                     boolean FALSE                          rollback_segments                   string                                 row_cache_cursors                   integer 10                             row_locking                         string  always                         sequence_cache_entries              integer 10                             sequence_cache_hash_buckets         integer 10                             serial_reuse                        string  DISABLE                        serializable                        boolean FALSE                          session_cached_cursors              integer 0                              session_max_open_files              integer 0                              sessions                            integer 69                             shared_memory_address               integer 0                              shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc      string  4K                             shared_pool_reserved_size           string  500000                         shared_pool_size                    string  10000000                       snapshot_refresh_interval           integer 60                             snapshot_refresh_keep_connections   boolean FALSE                          snapshot_refresh_processes          integer 0                              sort_area_retained_size             integer 0                              sort_area_size                      integer 65536                          sort_direct_writes                  string  AUTO                           sort_read_fac                       integer 20                             sort_spacemap_size                  integer 512                            sort_write_buffer_size              integer 32768                          sort_write_buffers                  integer 2                              spin_count                          integer 1                              sql92_security                      boolean FALSE                          sql_trace                           boolean FALSE                          star_transformation_enabled         boolean FALSE                          tape_asynch_io                      boolean TRUE                           temporary_table_locks               integer 69                             text_enable                         boolean TRUE                           thread                              integer 0                              timed_os_statistics                 integer 0                              timed_statistics                    boolean TRUE                           transaction_auditing                boolean TRUE                           transactions                        integer 75                             transactions_per_rollback_segment   integer 11                             use_indirect_data_buffers           boolean FALSE                          use_ism                             boolean TRUE                           *user_dump_dest                     string  %RDBMS80%\trace                utl_file_dir                        string 


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