o files, Table 9-1: File Types and Extensions

Office command (Main Menu), Writer

Office productivity suites, The Suite, Features, Table 11-1: Features, Features, Writer, Calc, Figure 1-4. Creating Charts with Calc, Impress, Draw

Ok option (Add Partition dialog box), Adding Partitions

online connections, Establishing a Modem Connection

network configuration, Network Configuration, Overview of Configuring a Network Connection, Establishing an Ethernet Connection, Establishing a Modem Connection, Figure 12-3. Modem Settings, Establishing a Modem Connection, Establishing an xDSL Connection, Figure 12-6. Viewing a New xDSL Device, Establishing a Wireless Connection

online help

displaying, Displaying Online Help

Open command (File menu), Loading a File

Open With dialog box, Figure B-10. The Open With . . . Dialog Box


shell prompts, Opening or Closing a Shell Prompt suite, The Suite, Features

Calc, Table 11-1: Features, Calc, Figure 1-4. Creating Charts with Calc

Draw, Table 11-1: Features, Draw

Impress, Table 11-1: Features, Impress

Writer, Table 11-1: Features, Writer

opt directory (FHS), The /opt Directory

Other ports option, No Firewall


cat command, Appending Standard Output, Figure 8-6. Stringing Commands and Comparing Files, Redirecting Standard Input

grep, System Processes

ls, Keep ls Output from Scrolling

ps command, System Processes


files, Ownership and Permissions

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