37.2 OS2 Client

37.2.1 Configuring OS/2 Warp Connect or OS/2 Warp 4

Basically, you need three components :

  • The File and Print Client (IBM Peer)

  • TCP/IP (Internet support)

  • The " NetBIOS over TCP/IP " driver (TCPBEUI)

Installing the first two together with the base operating system on a blank system is explained in the Warp manual. If Warp has already been installed, but you now want to install the networking support, use the " Selective Install for Networking " object in the " System Setup " folder.

Adding the " NetBIOS over TCP/IP " driver is not described in the manual and just barely in the online documentation. Start MPTS.EXE , click on OK , click on Configure LAPS and click on IBM OS/2 NETBIOS OVER TCP/IP in Protocols . This line is then moved to Current Configuration . Select that line, click on Change number and increase it from 0 to 1. Save this configuration.

If the Samba server is not on your local subnet, you can optionally add IP names and addresses of these servers to the Names List , or specify a WINS server (NetBIOS Nameserver in IBM and RFC terminology). For Warp Connect, you may need to download an update for IBM Peer to bring it on the same level as Warp 4. See the Web page mentioned above.

37.2.2 Configuring Other Versions of OS/2

This sections deals with configuring OS/2 Warp 3 (not Connect), OS/2 1.2, 1.3 or 2.x.

You can use the free Microsoft LAN Manager 2.2c Client for OS/2 that is available from ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/BusSys/Clients/LANMAN.OS2/. In a nutshell , edit the file \OS2VER in the root directory of the OS/2 boot partition and add the lines:

 20=setup.exe 20=netwksta.sys 20=netvdd.sys 

before you install the client. Also, do not use the included NE2000 driver because it is buggy . Try the NE2000 or NS2000 driver from ftp://ftp. cdrom .com/pub/os2/network/ndis/instead.

37.2.3 Printer Driver Download for OS/2 Clients

Create a share called [PRINTDRV] that is world-readable. Copy your OS/2 driver files there. The .EA_ files must still be separate, so you will need to use the original install files and not copy an installed driver from an OS/2 system.

Install the NT driver first for that printer. Then, add to your smb.conf a parameter, os2 driver map = filename. Next, in the file specified by filename , map the name of the NT driver name to the OS/2 driver name as follows :

nt driver name = os2 driver name.device name , e.g.

  HP LaserJet 5L = LASERJET.HP LaserJet 5L  

You can have multiple drivers mapped in this file.

If you only specify the OS/2 driver name, and not the device name, the first attempt to download the driver will actually download the files, but the OS/2 client will tell you the driver is not available. On the second attempt, it will work. This is fixed simply by adding the device name to the mapping, after which it will work on the first attempt.

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