20.7 Common Errors

Winbind has a number of limitations in its current released version that we hope to overcome in future releases:

  • Winbind is currently only available for the Linux, Solaris, AIX, and IRIX operating systems, although ports to other operating systems are certainly possible. For such ports to be feasible , we require the C library of the target operating system to support the Name Service Switch and Pluggable Authentication Modules systems. This is becoming more common as NSS and PAM gain support among UNIX vendors .

  • The mappings of Windows NT RIDs to UNIX IDs is not made algorithmically and depends on the order in which unmapped users or groups are seen by Winbind. It may be difficult to recover the mappings of RID to UNIX ID mapping if the file containing this information is corrupted or destroyed .

  • Currently the Winbind PAM module does not take into account possible workstation and logon time restrictions that may be set for Windows NT users, this is instead up to the PDC to enforce.

20.7.1 NSCD Problem Warning



Do not under any circumstances run nscd on any system on which winbindd is running.

If nscd is running on the UNIX/Linux system, then even though NSSWITCH is correctly configured it will not be possible to resolve domain users and groups for file and directory controls.

20.7.2 Winbind Is Not Resolving Users and Groups

" My smb.conf file is correctly configured. I have specified idmap uid = 12000, and idmap gid = 3000-3500 and winbind is running. When I do the following it all works fine ."

 root# wbinfo -u MIDEARTH+maryo MIDEARTH+jackb MIDEARTH+ameds ... MIDEARTH+root root# wbinfo -g MIDEARTH+Domain Users MIDEARTH+Domain Admins MIDEARTH+Domain Guests ... MIDEARTH+Accounts root# getent passwd root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash bin:x:1:1:bin:/bin:/bin/bash ... maryo:x:15000:15003:Mary Orville:/home/MIDEARTH/maryo:/bin/false 

" But the following command just fails:

  root# chown maryo a_file   chown: `maryo': invalid user  

This is driving me nuts! What can be wrong? "

Same problem as the one above. Your system is likely running nscd , the name service caching daemon. Shut it down, do not restart it! You will find your problem resolved.

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