19.4 VFS Modules Available Elsewhere

This section contains a listing of various other VFS modules that have been posted but do not currently reside in the Samba CVS tree for one reason or another (e.g., it is easy for the maintainer to have his or her own CVS tree).

No statements about the stability or functionality of any module should be implied due to its presence here.

19.4.1 DatabaseFS

URL: http://www.css.tayloru.edu/~elorimer/databasefs/index/php

By Eric Lorimer. [1]

[1] mailto:elorimer@css.tayloru.edu

I have created a VFS module that implements a fairly complete read-only filesystem. It presents information from a database as a filesystem in a modular and generic way to allow different databases to be used (originally designed for organizing MP3s under directories such as " Artists ," " Song Keywords ", and so on. I have since easily applied it to a student roster database.) The directory structure is stored in the database itself and the module makes no assumptions about the database structure beyond the table it requires to run.

Any feedback would be appreciated: comments, suggestions, patches, and so on. If nothing else, hopefully it might prove useful for someone else who wishes to create a virtual filesystem.

19.4.2 vscan

URL: http://www.openantivirus.org/

samba-vscan is a proof-of-concept module for Samba, which uses the VFS (virtual file system) features of Samba 2.2.x/3.0 alphaX. Of course, Samba has to be compiled with VFS support. samba-vscan supports various virus scanners and is maintained by Rainer Link.

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