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This chapter has helped you learn about predefined interfaces. Youve learned why the interfaces are important, discovered which interfaces you need to implement, and learned how to implement the interfaces in code. These are the three essential steps in learning to create components for particular needs such as container applications.

Now that you have some essential knowledge about using predefined interfaces, its time to create some of your own. Begin by spending time looking at the various interfaces in the OLE/COM Object Viewer. Research the interfaces within the documentation for Visual Studio .NET. Finally, try to implement a component for a container or other application that accepts new components.

Congratulations, youve made it to the end of the book! We hope this isnt the end of your learning experience. All the tips and techniques weve presented will help you create better applications with Visual Studio .NETapplications that are interoperable with your existing components and applications.

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COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
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