IADsTools ActiveX DLL

The Windows .NET Support Tools pack (see Chapter 9, "General Characteristics and Purpose of System Tools") contains a COM object named IADsTools that is used, in particular, by Active Directory Replication Monitor (ReplMon.exe). You can call the IADsTools functions from a custom script or application. IADsTools can be regarded as a high-level framework of basic ADSI interfaces. The supplied iadstools.doc file provides a description of all function calls. Appendix D contains the complete list of these functions. A few examples of using IADsTools will be discussed in the next chapter.

The IADsTools DLL is installed as a part of the Support Tools, but can be distributed separately. Copy the iadstools.dll file from the \Program Files\Support Tools folder to the %SystemRoot% folder on a target computer, and run the regsvr32 iadstools.dll Command from the command prompt on that computer.

By default, all the IADsTools' errors are recorded in the Application log (Source: IADsTools; Category: None; Event ID: 1).

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