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tail command  
tar command  
Taylor, Dave (Wicked Cool Shell Scripts)  
tcsh (Tabbed C shell)  
telnet program   2nd  
Terminal application   2nd   3rd  
       default shell used by  
       frozen (hung)  
       in X11  
       preferences for  
       starting   2nd  
Terminal Inspector  
       Buffer settings  
        Color settings  
       Display settings  
       Emulation settings  
       Keyboard settings  
       Processes settings  
       setting defaults using  
       Shell settings  
       Window settings  
Terminal session   [See session]
Terminal windows   [See windows ]
       color of  
       font for  
text editors
       end-of-line character problems  
text-based web browser, Lynx  
TextEdit text editor  
tilde (~), indicating home directory  
time, displaying in prompt  
Todino, Grace (Learning the Unix Operating System)  
top command  
tr command   2nd  
transparency of window  
       cat command, entering without a filename  
       cd to a file instead of a directory  
       chmod command errors  
       cp command errors  
       display becoming garbled  
       end-of-line character problems  
       exit command errors  
       kill command errors  
       lpr command errors  
       man command errors  
        mistyped commands  
       rmdir command errors  
       unable to write writable file  
tty, specified in Terminal Inspector  

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