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S (Setup) command, Pine  
Sanchez, Fred (DropScript utility)  
Schwartz, Alan (Practical Unix and Internet Security)  
scp command  
screen, clearing or redrawing   2nd   [See also windows ]
       Perl or Python  
       shell   2nd  
scroll buffer   [See also history of commands]
       manpages in  
       number of lines stored in  
search command, vi  
security   [See also permissions]
       books about  
       remote access and  
semicolon (;), on command line  
servers, connecting to remotely  
session   [See also jobs; windows]
       frozen (hung)  
       saving as text file  
set noclobber command  
setup files   [See configuration files]
sftp command   2nd  
sh (Bourne shell)  
Share My Desktop application  
shared directories, mounting  
shell   2nd   [See also bash shell]3rd  
       default (bash)  
       determining shell in use  
       specified in Terminal Inspector  
       subshells of  
       types of  
shell aliases  
SHELL environment variable  
shell functions  
shell programming   2nd  
shell prompt   [See prompt]
shell scripts   2nd  
Shell settings in Terminal Inspector  
Silverman, Richard (SSH: The Secure Shell)  
slash (/)
       in pathname  
       indicating directory in listing  
       indicating root directory   2nd  
       starting pattern in vi   2nd  
sleep command  
sort command  
SourceForge, Fink project  
spaces in filenames and directory names  
Spafford, Gene (Practical Unix and Internet Security)  
special characters , in filenames and directory names   [See also escape sequences]2nd  
square brackets ([]) wildcards  
ssh program   2nd   3rd   4th  
SSH: The Secure Shell (Barrett; Silverman)  
standard input   2nd  
standard output  
       redirecting to a file   2nd  
       redirecting to standard input of another command   2nd  
StarOffice application   [See application]
Strang, John (Learning the Unix Operating System)  
string encoding, nonstandard  
sudo command   2nd   3rd  
superuser   2nd  
suspend character  
symbolic links  
system administration  
system log, viewing  

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