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u command, vi  
u2m command  
unalias command  
Unicode 8-bit encoding  
universities, online documentation at  
       advantages of  
       applications for  
       books about  
       command line   [See commands shell]
       command-line interface   [See Terminal application]
       history of  
       interfaces to  
       reasons to use  
       resources used by  
       versions of   2nd  
Unix in a Nutshell (Robbins)  
Unix Power Tools (Powers; Peek; O'Reilly; Loukides)   2nd  
Unix Programmer's Manual   [See man command]
Up Arrow key  
user account   [See accounts]
user ID, displaying in prompt  
       displaying in prompt  
users   [See also accounts; permissions]
       Admin user   2nd  
       listing users logged on  
       password for  
       superuser   2nd  
UTF-8 encoding  

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