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p command, vi  
P command, vi  
p command, vi  
parent directory   [See also root directory]2nd  
passive command, ftp  
passwd command  
       for anonymous FTP  
paste command  
PATH environment variable  
pausing command output  
PDF files, converting from PostScript  
Peek, Jerry
       Learning the Unix Operating System  
       Unix Power Tools   2nd  
percent sign (%) prompt  
Perl programming  
permissions (access modes)  
       listing for file or directory  
pico text editor  
PID (process ID)  
       listing for background processes  
       of current shell  
Pine email application  
       reading email with  
       sending email with  
       signature file for  
pipe operator ()   2nd  
pipes   2nd  
       grep command used with   2nd  
       less command used with  
        sort command used with  
Pogue, David (Mac OS X: The Missing Manual)  
       converting to PDF  
       formatting files as  
PostScript printers  
Powers, Shelley (Unix Power Tools)   2nd  
pr command  
Practical Unix and Internet Security (Garfinkel; Spafford; Schwartz)  
print requests , terminating  
printer queue  
Printer Setup Utility  
       status of  
process ID   [See PID]
processes   [See background process jobs]
Processes settings in Terminal Inspector  
programming the shell  
programs   [See also commands]
       types of   2nd  
       dollar sign ($)  
       escape sequences for  
       percent sign (%)  
prompt command, ftp  
ps -up command  
ps command   2nd   3rd  
PS1 environment variable  
ps2pdf command  
put command, ftp  
PuTTY program   2nd  
pwd command  
Python programming  

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Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther
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