I would like to thank Matt, James, Ben, and Mike for all their hard work, which has helped shape this book. Special thanks go to the team at Adobe/Macromedia, which has made this all possible, especially the efforts of David Mendels, Phil Costa, and Mike Nimerall of whom have offered invaluable advice during this process. Thanks to Tad Staley of Adobe consulting, who has given me more opportunities than anyone else to work on Flex projects. I would also like to acknowledge Doctations and the IT Reference Data department at Morgan Stanley, clients whose Flex 2 projects coincided with the writing of this book. This book couldn't possibly have been written without the lessons I learned on their projects, nor could their projects have been successfully completed without my work on this book. Thanks to the editorial staff at Adobe Press, who was faced with the Herculean task of making our writings intelligible. Finally, thanks to the 2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.

Jeff Tapper

This book has consumed many, many hours and sleepless nights, but it is all due to the incredible efforts of Jeff, Matt, Ben, and Michael. I would like to thank each one of them and offer a special thanks to Michael and Robyn. This book could not have been a success without the incredible steadfastness of both Michael and Robyn, who demonstrated incredible eagle eyes and never wavered in their resolve to publish the very best. Thanks to everyone at Adobe, including David Mendels, Sho Kuwamoto, Eric Anderson, Phil Costa, and everyone else on the Flex and Flex Builder teams. I'd like to offer a special thanks to Robert, Sue, Leo, Cathrine, and Jazmine on the Adobe training team, whose efforts allowed me to have time to work on this book.

James Talbot

Getting this book finished has been a long and arduous road, and I could not have completed the journey without Jeff, James, Mike, Ben, and Robyn. I hope Mike can forgive me for getting him involved in a project that has taken much more time than either of us could have ever imagined. I also hope Robyn can forgive all of the authors for making this such a long project. Josh and the rest of the gang at Digital Primates deserve kudos for the work they have done in testing this book. Thanks also to Dave Mendels, Phil Costa, Sho Kuwamoto, Heidi Williams, and the rest of the Flex and Flex Builder teams for building great products and helping me understand them. Also thanks to Bob Tierney and Kevin Hoyt for giving doses of reality Flex when needed.

Matthew Boles

I heard someone once say that the best part of writing is when it is over and you get to see the benefit of your labor. My part in this book was a simple one and I would like to acknowledge the great work done by my co-authors who shouldered the largest share. Thank you for the opportunity to assist with the book; it was a pleasure.

At a recent technology get-together I ran into my first mentor, Greg Fisher. My experience in life has shown me that you can either hoard or share your knowledge with those around you. I am grateful for your willingness so many years ago to choose to invest and share with me.

Finally I would like to acknowledge the sacrifice and support of my wife Mary, the object of my eternal affection.

Benjamin Elmore

I would like to thank Matt, Jeff, James, and Ben for their work and dedication to bringing this project together. Thanks to Robyn for her diligence, understanding and patience during the process. Thanks to Josh, Jim, and Peter of the Digital Primates' team for hours of reading, running code, supporting my half-thought-out ideas, and generally being great friends and colleagues. Thanks to Shirl for her candor and counsel, and specifically for pushing me in this direction. Thanks to Matt for inviting me to join this project and team. Thanks to my family for the encouragement they always provide. Finally, thanks to my wife Laura, who supports my craziest ideas with a smile and a lot of understanding.

Michael Labriola

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