Implementing History Management within a Navigator Container

Due to security constraints, users of Microsoft Internet Explorer will not be able to build and preview the examples in this lesson as they have so far. History management does not work in Internet Explorer when previewing a local file, meaning that it does not work when previewing local files on your hard drive; however, it will work if the file is on a web server or accessed through a HTTP URL as opposed to the file:/// URL that is used during normal development. If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to preview these files from a web server. History Management does work in Firefox and Netscape browsers when previewing a local file.

In this task, you will examine how standard history management is implemented in the DataEntry application.


Open DataEntry.mxml and run the application. Navigate between the two tabs on the tab navigator on the first page. Note that the back and forward buttons are working within the browser.

By default, history management is turned on for the TabNavigator and Accordion components. Unless you want to turn off history management, you need to use the historyManagementEnabled property. If your navigation system uses a regular ViewStack component, then you need to explicitly turn on history management using this property. Notice that the back button is enabled because history management is automatically turned on.


Locate the TabNavigator component and add a historyManagementEnabled attribute to the tag and set it to false. Save and run the application.

Note that the back and forward buttons in the browser are no longer working when you move between the Update/Delete Product and Add Product tabs.


Locate the TabNavigator component and remove the historyManagementEnabled attribute.

If you save and run the application, the browser back and forward buttons will work again.

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