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Future Enhancements

The future release of COM+ (COM+ 1.x) will add many services that will increase the overall scalability, availability, and manageability of COM+ 1.0 applications. Some of these features follow:

  • The ability to gracefully shutdown and restart a server process whose performance has degraded over time (for example, because of memory leaks).

  • The ability to run a COM+ 1.x application as a service.

  • Ability to disallow servers to be loaded or components to be created under low memory conditions. This feature is referred to as the memory gates. For example, a process-creation memory gate can be defined as do not create a process if 80% of the virtual memory on the system is already being used. Similarly, an object-creation memory gate can be specified such that an object is not created under low-memory conditions. In this case, the client receives E_OUTOFMEMORY when it tries to create an object.

  • A COM+ server application can be paused. Any future activation returns E_APP_PAUSED error code. A paused application can be resumed later to allow future activations.

  • A COM+ application (library or server) can be disabled. This feature is similar to pausing an application except that this attribute survives system reboots. A disabled application can be enabled anytime later to allow future activations.

  • Ability to allow an administrator to dump the entire state of a process without terminating it. This eases the troubleshooting process for a COM+ application.

  • The ability to alias a single component with multiple CLSIDs. Each of the aliased component can be configured individually.

  • The ability to mark a component as private. A private component can only be seen and activated from other components within the same application.

  • The ability to allow multiple configurations of a single application on a machine.

The COMAdmin SDK will provide the necessary APIs to support these features.


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