Using ZENworks Linux Management with Novell Linux Desktop

ZENworks Linux Management is not only complementary to Novell Linux Desktop, it is critical. ZENworks Linux Management enables you to deploy, manage, and maintain your Novell Linux Desktops centrally and includes the capability to image a desktop, deliver and install software, keep the desktop up to date, and control the desktop remotely for help desk and troubleshooting.

ZENworks Linux Management also provides lockdown policies specific to Novell Linux Desktop that make it possible to apply policies to devices to configure and potentially protect and lock down the device from user modifications. This enables you to configure your Linux systems as you need them to be to work most effectively in your personalized environments. Then you can rest assured that the users of these devices will not be able to disrupt their Linux systems by reconfiguring your locked policies.

ZENworks Linux Management introduces the following policies to the Linux environment: Epiphany Policy, Evolution Policy, GNOME Policy, Novell Linux Desktop Policy, Remote Execute Policy, and Text File Policy. With these policies you can manage your Linux systems and the applications that run on them.

With the Novell Linux Desktop Policy you can configure whether screen locking is on, determine background images for your desktops and the themes you want for your corporation, and enable and disable applets, including Dictionary, Sticky Notes, OpenOffice Quickstart, and so on. These and other settings enable you to configure your systems exactly as you want them for your users.

Additionally, with the Novell Linux Desktop Policy you control whether the configurations you place down on the initial desktops are locked from user changes, or which configurations you will allow your users to customize.


The ZENworks Linux Management Agent is installed by default with Novell Linux Desktop. This makes it easy to register and manage Novell Linux Desktop out of the box.

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