The ZENworks Family

Because many readers of this book will be existing ZENworks customers, it's important to understand the entire ZENworks family and the role that ZENworks Linux Management plays. Although ZENworks Linux Management is available separately, it is also available as part of the ZENworks Suitean integrated resource management solution for deploying, managing, and maintaining desktops, servers, and handheld devices throughout their lifecycle across multiple platforms. The capabilities in the ZENworks Suite include the following:

  • ZENworks Desktop Management Automates the configuration, deployment, updating, healing, and migration of desktops. ZENworks Desktop Management also includes ZENworks Patch Management, ZENworks Data Management, ZENworks Personality Migration, and ZENworks Software Packaging.

  • ZENworks Server Management Automates server configuration and the distribution and inventory of applications, content, and patches across all servers, regardless of platform. ZENworks Server Management also includes ZENworks Software Packaging and ZENworks Patch Management.

  • ZENworks Handheld Management Automates handheld device management to reduce high ownership costs, strengthen security, and increase user productivity on Palm, Windows CE, Pocket PC, and RIM BlackBerry devices.

  • ZENworks Data Management Automatically backs up and synchronizes user files and data across multiple devices and even the Internet to reduce the costs of lost data, data restoration, and data access help desk calls.

  • ZENworks Personality Migration Automates the migration of personal settings and application settings for each desktop for OS migration or disaster recovery.

  • ZENworks Software Packaging Automates the repackaging, customizing, and distribution of MSI applications.

  • ZENworks Patch Management Automates detection, deployment, and defending of Windows patches.

  • ZENworks Linux Management Uses policies to automate the deployment, management, and maintenance of Linux resources. These automated and intelligent policies provide centralized control across the lifecycle of Linux systems with desktop lockdown, imaging, remote management, inventory, and software management.

All ZENworks products rely significantly on the directory, specifically Novell eDirectory, to provide a greater level of manageability, and greater ease of management, for each component in the network.

Most ZENworks products are cross platform and can run not only in NetWare environments, but also in Windows and Linux environments (without the need for NetWare or the Novell Windows client).

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