Editing Objects in PDFs

Acrobat allows you to edit whole objects in a PDF files as well as type characteristics. Objects include any elements within a PDF page, such as graphics, lines, borders, and even type objects.

Moving Objects

To move an object around in your PDF file, follow these steps:

  1. Select the TouchUp Object tool .

  2. Click the object you would like to move. Here I will select the Type Object containing the American Classics headline. A thin blue (bounding box) line will surround the selected object.

    click to expand

    Note that when I selected this Headline text object, the small Volume, Number, and Date copy was selected as well. Similar local objects are often grouped together in the distilling process.

  3. Click within the bounding box, and drag the object to whatever new position you like.

Editing Object Contents

You can edit the content of individual objects by accessing an appropriate application through Acrobat. Here s how:

  1. Select the object you would like to edit.

  2. Right-click/Control+click the object, and from the object s context menu choose the Edit command (which would be Edit Image for a graphic).

An application appropriate for the selected object will be launched and the selected PDF object will open . If you choose to edit a bitmap, you ll likely launch Photoshop because of the pixel-based nature of the selected image. If you were to select text, Illustrator might be used.

  1. Edit the object with the application.

  2. Save and close the image in the graphic application.

  3. Wait a few minutes while the new version of the image is being updated into the PDF.

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Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
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