Chapter 1. An Introduction to Windows CE


eMbedded Visual Basic: Windows CE and Pocket PC Mobile Applications
By Chris Tacke, Timothy Bassett
Table of Contents


  • CE Platforms

  • Handheld PC (HPC)

  • Pocket PC

  • eMbedded Visual Basic

  • Creating a New Project

  • Running and Debugging

  • Remote Tools

Microsoft's Windows operating systems provide a rich graphical environment in which software can run. All the versions have a similar look and feel, and a large number of users are comfortable using them.

Now that mobile computing is becoming more and more common, from PDAs to smart phones, it only makes sense that Microsoft has developed and deployed a smaller version of Windows, Windows CE, for these devices. Windows CE takes advantage of user - familiarity with desktop versions of Windows as well as Windows significant market penetration and, judging by recent reports and trends in the industry, is gaining acceptance.

With a largeand growinguser base, it naturally follows that there is a fairly large demand for developers for the platform, and historically developers have come in two general flavors: Visual C++ developers and Visual Basic developers. This book is designed for you, the Visual Basic developer.

This chapter takes a brief look at Windows CE's different platforms, the installation of eMbedded Visual Basic, creating a basic eVB project, and a few tools that you have at your disposal.


Microsoft doesn't use the Windows CE name in marketing any more, but instead uses Windows Powered.

The goals of this chapter are to

  • Discuss the features of Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Palm- size PCs and highlight their differences.

  • Install eMbedded Visual Basic from the eMbedded Visual Tools installation CDs.

  • Install the Pocket PC Software Development Kit (SDK) and emulator.

  • Create a Pocket PC project.

  • Explore the Zoom and Control Manager remote tools.

After you complete this chapter, you'll be set to begin developing Pocket PC applications with eMbedded Visual Basic.


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