10.3 Unix Routing Daemons

10.3 Unix Routing Daemons

Unix systems often run the routing daemon named routed. It is provided with almost every implementation of TCP/IP. This program communicates using only RIP, which we describe in the next section. It is intended for small to medium- size networks.

An alternative program is gated. It supports both IGPs and EGPs. [Fedor 1988] describes the early development of gated. Figure 10.1 compares the various routing protocols supported by routed and two different versions of gated. Most systems that run a routing daemon run routed, unless they need support for the other protocols supported by gated.

Figure 10.1. Routing protocols supported by routed and gated.

We describe RIP Version 1 in the next section, the differences with RIP Version 2 in Section 10.5, OSPF in Section 10.6, and BGP in Section 10.7.

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