Fast Wrap-Up

  • FrontPage 2003 has many new features, including a completely redesigned interface that lets you easily switch between design and code views.

  • Design tools and features that you ll use regularly include Reveal Tags, Quick Tag Selector, rulers, grids, Page Size, and Preview In Browser.

  • You can add many features to Web pages, including those that require FrontPage components to work properly.

  • Some components require FrontPage Server Extensions and others require SharePoint Team Services to work properly.

  • Whenever you use advanced features, such as tables, layers , frames or style sheets, keep in mind that some browsers and browser versions might not support these features.

  • Whenever you work with code, Code view, or color coding, code formatting options affect how FrontPage displays the code. If you want to quickly add blocks of code to a page, you can use Code Snippets.

Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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