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six sigma fundamentals: a complete guide to the system, methods and tools
Six Sigma Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to the System, Methods and Tools
by Dean H. Stamatis ISBN:156327292x
Productivity Press 2004 (350 pages)

This clear-cut text cuts through the fluff of conventional Six Sigma jargon and provides the reader with a solid understanding of what defines a Six Sigma initiative and what is expected from the organization, management, and customer.

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Table of Contents
Six Sigma Fundamentals—A Complete Guide to the System, Methods and Tools
Common Abbreviations Used in Six Sigma
Chapter 1- Overview of Six Sigma
Chapter 2- Customer Satisfaction
Chapter 3- The Six Sigma DMAIC Model
Chapter 4- Common Methodologies Used in the DMAIC Model
Chapter 5- Design for Six Sigma: The DCOV Model
Chapter 6- Common Methodologies and Tools Used in the DCOV Model
Chapter 7- Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 8- Six Sigma Applied in Non-Manufacturing
Chapter 9- Training and Certification
Chapter 10- Implementing Six Sigma
Appendix A- Core Competencies for the Six Sigma Methodology
Appendix B- Traditional Sigma (Abridged) Conversion Table
Appendix C- The Process of QFD
Appendix D- Example of using the Quality Charts in the QFD Process for Each of the Stages
Appendix E- Using Binomial and Poisson Distributions
Appendix F- Development Flow for an Automotive Organization
Selected Bibliography
List of Figures
List of Tables
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Six Sigma Fundamentals. A Complete Guide to the System, Methods and Tools
Six Sigma Fundamentals: A Complete Introduction to the System, Methods, and Tools
ISBN: 156327292X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 144
Authors: D.H. Stamatis
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