The Cisco Unified Communications strategy focuses around designing network equipment equipped with the hardware resources and software features to handle a converged network environment.



The Cisco CallManager is part of the call-processing layer. This layer is responsible for the call routing intelligence behind the IP telephony network.


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The Cisco CallManager is responsible for call processing, signaling and device control, dial plan administration, phone feature administration, directory services, and a programming interface to external applications.



The Cisco CallManager uses the proprietary Skinny signaling to communicate with the Cisco IP Phones.


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The Cisco CallManager is responsible for handling all call-processing functions between Cisco IP Phones. The only communication element Cisco IP Phones are capable of handling alone is the streaming of RTP audio (spoken voice) between devices.


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Cisco CallManager runs using Windows 2000 and SQL 2000 as foundation operating system components. Windows 2000 provides base functionality, whereas SQL 2000 acts as the database store and replication agent for the information that drives the IP telephony network.



Cisco includes a very simple user-management system called DC Directory to store user information for the IP telephony network.



The Cisco MCS 7825 can support a maximum of 1000 IP Phones. Because of its lack of redundant hardware, it is typically used in lab environments and small network deployments.



Cisco CallManager requires you to maintain a user directory primarily for advanced configuration features such as Extension Mobility and the IP SoftPhone.


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By default, Cisco IP Phones use Skinny signaling to communicate with the Cisco CallManager server. Optionally, you can download a SIP image for the phone to allow it to operate under the Cisco SIP Proxy Server or with a third-party management system.

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