Document Information Tab

Tab number 6 in Figure 13.2 is the Information tab. Clicking this tab reveals the following information about the document:

  • Created by.

  • Modified by.

  • Modified date and time.

  • Document metadata. Metadata was discussed in Lesson 9. It can be added to a document library to attach important information to a document (such as document owner and document status) without changing the content of the document. Figure 13.4 shows an example of metadata displayed in the Information tab.

    Figure 13.4. The Information tab in Word 2003.

So, from the Information tab, the user can see all the metadata columns that have been added in the document library and can actually change this information from the task pane. Note the drop-down menu available in the Document Status field in the task pane in Figure 13.4. By clicking the down arrow, you can change the status of the document, and when an update takes place, this information will be pushed back to the SharePoint document library.

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