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Chapter 2: How Spam Works

Figure 2.1: The Reseller Main Page (This Picture has been Edited to Protect the Real Site)
Figure 2.2: Dark Mailer in Action: Watch that Spam Fly
Figure 2.3: The Results of 10,000 Spam After 12 Hours
Figure 2.4: 24 Hours Later
Figure 2.5: 72 Hours Later: The Final Statistics

Chapter 3: Sending Spam

Figure 3.1: Proxy Servers
Figure 3.2: My Favorite Proxy Resource Site
Figure 3.3: A Chain of Proxy Servers
Figure 3.4: A Small Botnet Located on an IRC Network (Note the Cryptic Usernames of Each Zombie)
Figure 3.5: ICQ's Spam Prevention
Figure 3.6: Everywhere You Look, There It Is
Figure 3.7: Net Send on a Large Scale
Figure 3.8: The Spam Arrives
Figure 3.9: CGI Injection Example #2

Chapter 4: Your E-mail: Digital Gold

Figure 4.1: Opt-in list
Figure 4.2: Jungshik and AmirBehzad: Fancy Some Viagra?
Figure 4.3: NNTP Message Example
Figure 4.4: Newsgroup Harvesting in Action
Figure 4.5: whois Extractor in Action
Figure 4.6: 1st E-mail Address Harvester
Figure 4.7: Verified and Ready for Spam
Figure 4.8: Corporate Spammers

Chapter 5: Creating the Message and Getting It Read

Figure 5.1: Yes, Yes, I Wish I Was There
Figure 5.2: Hmm, What Sorry? An Example of Poorly Constructed Spam
Figure 5.3: More Pills
Figure 5.4: The Making of aewxin qoekflg oepwe 19272 Jane Shaw
Figure 5.5: An upload.cgi Just Asking to Host My Content
Figure 5.6: Attention All Offers: There is a Hijacking in Progress in Chapter 5
Figure 5.7: The Final Product

Chapter 6: Getting Paid as a Spammer

Figure 6.1: An ePassporte Card
Figure 6.2: Neteller Debit Card

Chapter 7: Spam Filters: Detection and Evasion

Figure 7.1: Sample Architecture of How a Message Checksum Database Works
Figure 7.2: SpamArrest in Action
Figure 7.3: The Rendered Page: Clean and Readable
Figure 7.4: HTML Character Obfuscation – Rendered Version

Chapter 9: Phishing and Scam Spam

Figure 9.1: Calling All Citibank Users
Figure 9.2: Help Me and My Poor Money
Figure 9.3: The Passport of Our Scammer

Chapter 10: Spam and the Law

Figure 10.1: A Misleading “Phar-macy” Message
Figure 10.2: A Fully Compliant Message

Chapter 11: Analyzing Spam

Figure 11.1: The Message
Figure 11.2: Past Statistics of
Figure 11.3: RBL Checking in Dark Mailer
Figure 11.4: The Composed Message

Chapter 13: Statistics of Spam

Figure 13.1: Top Spam-Sending Countries
Figure 13.2: Types of Spam Sent
Figure 13.3: Top Spoofed Spam Domains
Figure 13.4: Spam Trends
Figure 13.5: Yearly Spam Trends

Appendix A: Combating Spam with Exchange Server and Outlook

Figure A.1: Outlook 2003 Options Screen
Figure A.2: Junk E-Mail Filter Warning
Figure A.3: Junk E-Mail Options
Figure A.4: Safe Senders List
Figure A.5: Safe Recipients List
Figure A.6: Blocked Senders List
Figure A.7: The Security Options Tab
Figure A.8: Automatic Picture Download Settings
Figure A.9: The Exchange System Manager
Figure A.10: The Connection Filtering Tab
Figure A.11: Connection Filtering Rule
Figure A.12: Return Status Code
Figure A.13: An SMTP Address Exception List
Figure A.14: The Global Accept List
Figure A.15: The Global Deny List
Figure A.16: Filtering Rule Warning
Figure A.17: Default SMTP Virtual Server in System Manager
Figure A.18: Properties of Default SMTP Virtual Server
Figure A.19: Advanced Properties
Figure A.20: Identification
Figure A.21: The Recipient Filtering Tab
Figure A.22: The Sender Filtering Tab

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