Review Questions

  1. What set of rules and conventions governs how computers exchange information over the network medium?

  2. Name some factors that motivate criminal activity.

  3. As a Word document is written and changed, these changes are tracked and produce a type of evidence that is called what?

  4. What types of file should arouse your suspicion when you are examining data?

  5. Why should you look at the header of an e-mail?

  6. What is steganography?

  7. What method can you use to determine if the extension of a file has been changed to avoid suspicion?

  8. If you are investigating a case that involves the Internet and pictures, what three areas could reveal the Internet habits of the suspect?

  9. What is a dual-boot system?

  10. Name three types of trace evidence.

Computer Forensics JumpStart
Computer Forensics JumpStart
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