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Shannon Sofield is the personification of a hack: he takes anything that is supposed to do one thing and manipulates it to serve his own purposes, in both his life as a developer and his life in general. If it was originally supposed to do one thing, he probably has it doing something entirely different. Shannon began creating PayPal solutions more than three years ago using his original database-driven PayPal purchase system that integrated with Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev. Since then, he has gone on to implement unique fixes for common eCommerce problems using PayPal. He has written several tutorials and articles and has spoken on the topic of using PayPal in new ways. One of the first members of the PayPal Developer Network, he was added to the PayPal Developer Network Advisory Boards on its inception. He also served several terms as a member of Team Macromedia for their web development program Dreamweaver, which he uses in his daily PayPal development. His technical background extends back to the initial Internet boom, when he began picking up simple web design that evolved into web planning and programming using a variety of technologies, languages, and databases. Currently, he manages the PayLoadz Digital Goods eCommerce system that allows merchants to sell digital goods securely with PayPal. One of the first and most successful third-party solutions for PayPal, this system made headlines when it launched Madonna's "American Life" single higher on the Billboard music charts than any previous digital single (and he did it before selling digital music was cool). In addition, he continually contributes to the PayPal Developer Network Message Boards (http://www.paypaldev.org), which his company, Superfreaker Studios, hosts and maintains. When he's not slogging through code at his computer in a caffeinated, sleep-deprived state, Shannon enjoys outdoor activities that fit the time of year. In the summer, he surfs and volunteers for the surfboard manufacturer Wave Riding Vehicles; in the winter, he can be found on the slopes, working on his kicker spins . Year-round, he can be found reliving his BMX days on his 24" GT cruiser. In his undergraduate studies, Shannon majored in Finance and Accounting, while his Masters in Business Administration includes a concentration in Finance. Ctrl-C is his best friend.

Dave Nielsen is a Technical Evangelist within the PayPal Developer Network, a member of SDForum's Executive Council, and the founder of the Web Services SIG of Silicon Valley. Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is armed with an education in engineering and marketing, as well as many technical certifications. As a technical trainer in the early '90s, Dave taught classes in languages such as Visual Basic, SQL and ASP. Dave was an early Internet programming enthusiast and found himself hounding Microsoft for data-driven web developer tools. After taking a chance on early beta versions of IIS and Active Server Pages, Dave became one of the first technical trainers certified to teach the now popular ASP technology. At PayPal, Dave focuses his efforts on creating tools that help developers create great eCommerce web sites. These projects include the Payment Request Wizard, the JavaScript Button Factory, the PayPal SDK for ASP.NET and the PayPal Commerce Starter Kit. Dave can be found online at http://www.paypalhacks.com, at conferences, and "competing" in an occasional triathlon. At home,his girlfriend tries to stop him from selling everything he owns on eBay.

Dave Burchell got his start with computers by programming the Radio Shack TRS-80 in BASIC and the Commodore 64 in 6510 assembly. Currently, Dave's favorite programming languages are Perl and XSLT. A fervent proponent of XML, Dave enjoys solving content management problems with markup and open source software. His other interests include American history and Hellenistic philosophy. Dave lives with his wife, Renee, and children, Max, Gus, and Samantha Grace, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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