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Macromedia Dreamweaver
       link to  
       using WebAssist PayPal eCommerce Toolkit with  
Macromedia Extension Manager  
magic cookies, used for checking valid subscribers  
mailing addresses
       unconfirmed, accepting payments from  
Managing & Using MySQL  
Mass Pay feature  
       issuing payments through the API  
       paying seller fees when buying  
       scheduling payments to affiliates /suppliers  
MassPayee class  
MassPayeeTable class  
MassPayReq object  
MassPayRequestItemType object   2nd  
MassPayRequestType object  
MassPayResponseType object  
master-detail reports , creating  
MasterCard debit cards, retrieving PayPal funds using  
Mastering Visual Studio .NET  
mc_fee variable  
mc_gross variable   2nd   3rd  
McClure, Dave  
McManus, Jeffrey  
McPhillips, Evan  
member information, accessing  
members -only content, controlling access to  
       disputing payments for  
       handling disputes effectively  
       nonreceipt of   2nd  
       preventing disputes about  
merchant rates, applying for  
Merchant Tools tab
       accepting donations  
       obfuscating button code  
       types of payment buttons  
merchant transaction IDs
       displaying on return pages   2nd  
        order-tracking pages and  
Message to Seller field  
Microsoft FrontPage, link to  
Microsoft Outlook, inserting payment buttons into email with PayPal Payment Wizard  
Milstein, Sarah  
Modify Subscription button  
money   [See also donations; currency]
       adding to Personal account  
       asking for payments
               using PayPal payment links  
               using Request Money feature  
               without PayPal account  
       getting back, after seller fraud  
       retrieving from PayPal accounts  
       sending to anyone  
       sending without creating PayPal account  
Money Market Fund (PayPal), enrolling in  
Multi-User Access feature   2nd  
multiplexer, IPN  

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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